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Why Lawyer & Law Firm Need Mobile Website and Mobile App
1.  Help You Get Clients
Searches done on mobile devices now account for about 23% of all search traffic, and this percentage is trending upward. Therefore, in order to be seen by all potential clients, a functional mobile site is a must. Without it, you’re essentially invisible to a larger and larger segment of your target market, and that’s not good for business.
2.  Let You Share Information
A mobile app or website lets you share key information with prospects. Simple is usually best – things like contact information, office address, your mapped location, and the like, are great for posting on your mobile site, or on the front page of your app. But you can also upload “tabs” for practice areas, attorney profiles, and more. Quickly being able to get info on the go helps customers feel comfortable reaching out to you and taking first steps. We can also create small pages for basic tips or procedural information, if appropriate for your practice (e.g. “What to do when you get served with a lawsuit,” “10 Ways to Prepare for a Divorce,” etc.). These items help bolster credibility and can move a prospective client off the fence and into the office.
3.  Help You Learn About Clients
With analytics, a mobile website can provide you with information about your clients and prospects that can be very valuable. You can learn which pages or pieces of information they visit most, so you know what is on their minds and where to focus your efforts. For example, if 80% of people click on a button for practice areas within a few seconds of viewing your site, you can probably put that information front and center to save people time.
4.  Help Promote Your Practice
Your mobile site can be a powerful promotional tool, as can an app. You can link to reviews and testimonials, or can even display a video introduction. You can also get creative with your app. They’re surprisingly versatile. For example, if you do a lot of small business startup work, you can publish a Small Business Legal Tips App. The tips app doesn’t have to be anything more than a pamphlet that provides basic information on common topics, and that prompts people to contact you with questions. It’s a simple strategy that just might open up a new channel to prospective clients. There are a lot of opportunities, here, and mobile apps and sites can help you make the most of them. It may seem like just another headache, but the benefits (increased revenue, promotion, and client interaction) are well worth it.  By using Mobile Link Solutions we can create your app to meet your needs.
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